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Thanks for viewing my portfolio!

I'm Frankie, a passionate content and asset creator with a skillset that spans the creative mediums, from graphic design and website design through to video editing, writing, audio production and social media management. 
I began my creative journey by gaining my Bachelor of Music from Sydney's prestigious Conservatorum of music, and so a lot of these assets 
that you're about to see have been created to promote my self-managed musical persona.

Graphic Design x Branding x Website Design

Music marketing begins with the visual

The first thing they hear is your style

Album art design for my debut single

I wanted to design my website to match my musical style, while trying to keep it as simple as possible. It should be a place for people who want to know more about me to land on, and feel like home.

Video Editing x Social Content Creation

The only way to reach YouTube's 122M daily viewers is to upload.

I am passionate about editing. Video has proved to be one of the best ways I've been able to grow my audience-base through creating and posting both YouTube videos and Instagram reels.

I have experience working with Adobe Creative Cloud, HitFilm Pro, Blender and Canva. 


Composition x Sound Design x Production

I have been working with PreSonus Studio One for over 6 years and have developed a streamlined workflow for audio production and asset creation. My audio skillset includes composition, sound recording, production, mixing and mastering. My music is available on all streaming platforms, have a listen to my Audio Reel.

I trained under the mentorship of Underfoot Records producer Mic. Hardwick. I underwent weekly studio sessions with him for 4 years where he trained me in all things sound production. 

I work to a structured workflow that I have developed over the last 6 years of working as a producer. It helps me keep track of 



Content Creation x Writing x Meta Business Suite

As I am an independent musical artist, and don't have a team managing my online presence, I have enjoyed building my social media skills and learning how build an online following. I am accustomed to analyzing social media insights 

Maintaining an active social media presence is the best way to increase brand awareness and boost your following. Why don't you actively post most days Frankie? I hear you ask... Maintaining the level of social media interaction for meaningfull growth is a full time job. Someday I hope to be able to pay someone to

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