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My Portfolio

Voice-Over Reel

I have worked as a vocal coach for both a Sydney based theatre company and a singing school since graduating University, where I majored in voice. I love to perform and to create, as well as facilitating other people's expression through speech, movement and singing.

I am currently available for bookings for voice-over work and vocal coaching. I am happy to work remotely, on Zoom, or in person.

Audio Production Reel

I have been writing songs and making sounds my entire life, and I love producing audio and recording songs to this day.

I enjoy recording other people's compositions, creating original music of various genres and capturing spoken word.

I have experience with employing various recording techniques, capturing sound, mixing and mastering.

This demo reel showcases ensemble recordings, excerpts of multi-tracked songs and narration.

A wide range of recording and mixing techniques were utilised for each stage of capturing sound from selection of microphone configuration right through to mixing, EQing, compressing and mastering.

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